Veto is our very own Chief Cuddling Officer (CCO). Veto has been an integral part of  Ahh Comfort shoes for over five years.

He has a strong following of customers that ask to see him every time they come in. Sometimes their visits are just to see Veto. He is always open for a treat or a belly rub. He prefers when you pet him under his chin or rub his belly. He is not a fan of over the head pets and is not fond of guys in hats, hoods, or uniform.

He is always huge fan of the ladies. Sorry guys, there is no accounting for taste.

Shoes have been a part of Gabe’s life since before he could walk. That’s true for everyone but for him it’s been much more than that. Some of his fondest memories growing up was being around the shoe store talking to people and listening to his father AKA  “Jeff the Pedorthist.” After watching and learning from him from his fitting stool for years he  appreciates what the right fit of shoes could do for people. So at the age of twelve he went to work.

Most of his day was spent running to get shoes for sales people or putting them away, but by doing this he learned all the brands, sizes, fits and most importantly what people liked.

By thirteen he started learning more about people’s pain and how he could help relieve it.

By fourteen he had really absorbed what it takes to find products that will help people walk better; and to this day some of his most rewarding moments in the store and out have been people calling, writing reviews or coming in and feeling better because of something that he helped them with.

There is no better feeling in the world than giving someone the ability to walk better and he hopes that he will have the chance to do that for you.

Lori Pascolla’s extensive shoe experience started in 1987. As a shy teenager she got her first job at the Chicoland icon Chernin’s Shoes. Moving from being display girl (yes they really called it that back then) to cashier to salesperson her confidence grew and grew. After working in that super fast atmosphere and gaining several years of sales experience she branched out into cosmetics.

In 1996 she accepted a position in the shoe department  at another iconic store, Nordstorm’s and really honed her skills of fitting and accessorizing with an eye toward fashion .

In 2016 shoe joined the Ahh Comfort Shoe family. She is an expert at picking out comfort shoes that will work with your feet and with your wardrobe. Lori says, “Picking out comfort shoes involves many more details and time. Being compassionate and a good listener is an important part of what I do.”

She values the extensive Pedorthic training she received and is very confident in sharing that knowledge needed to help those with foot issues heal. She will always show you what you request, but takes great pride in showing you what has worked for others with similar issues and goals.

As Lori says, “I take pride in what I do and am eager to show you what’s best for your situation.”

Caryn has been in the shoe industry for over 10 years.  Caryn has worked retail on and off for over 35 years.  Working for Marshall Field’s taught her how to provide great Customer service. Spending the majority of her years working in the Insurance and Finance area, makes her a perfect fit  to do the book and paperwork for our bustling store, but nothing brings her more joy than helping the customers find great fitting and comfortable shoes, or the perfect shoes that help solve their foot issues.

When not at work she is visiting friends and family or traveling around to as many countries or states that she can. Always seeking out the newest or most interesting Chef or restaurants.

Wherever Caryn is at the store her trusted companion Veto is not far behind.

Curt has been with Ahh Comfort Shoes since 2016 and brings over 30 years of sales and management experience to our store.

Helping others is a passion for our Store Manager, driving him to serve in the US Peace Corps. Curt has also worked as an Insurance agent and Jobs Recruiter before landing his job with Ahh Comfort Shoes.

Our customers tell us Curt is kind, caring and very patient; he will take the time needed to find the best fit for your needs.

Curt’s tells us he’s happiest when he hears how satisfied a customer is with the fit and feel of their shoes. Helping people walk better, farther and with more comfort is his personal goal.

Curt told us, “They say you can’t know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes; I walk about 3 to 5 miles each day at work and always in shoes we sell. Knowing our product better helps me know what the customer needs out of a shoe.”

If you ask Jeffrey how long he has been doing this the answer is, “Over 28 years”, but this isn’t exactly accurate.  Some of Jeffrey’s earliest memories are being in the backroom of, and putting shoes in, the large “walk in” display cases at Lawrence Bootery in Albany Park, Chicago. To this day he can still smell Hi Swidler’s (the owner of Lawrence Bootery) cigar that he was always chomping on as he waited on folks from the neighborhood. His father, Izzy Seidman, owned a children’s store called Todd’s Shoes in Arlington Heights in the late 1970’s and later owned Cermak Shoes in Chicago when Jeffrey was in his early teens. He learned how to stock racks, run the register and measure feet at the corner of Cermack and California in Chicago.

AA-EE Shoes opened in 1992 and Jeffrey worked there part-time learning how to evaluate and fit people with specialty sizes and problems. He graduated with a double major of Psychology and Theater from Coe College in 1994 so naturally he went into the shoe business full time. By the year 2000 Jeffrey was store manager, lead buyer and Pedorthic school graduate at AA-EE Shoes. He has spent his entire childhood and adulthood as a proud member of the shoe industry guiding thousands of people just like you to better foot health through the best footwear.

He became sole owner of Ahh Comfort Shoes in 2013. Finding and providing the finest in functional footwear from around the globe and providing it to folks searching for better body balance has been his passion his entire career. He does free evaluations, by appointment only, five days a week. He has seen every foot problem under the sun from simple heel pain, charcot, ulcers, to total foot reconstructions and has provided over the counter and custom orthotics with the right shoes providing the best mobility possible for each person. If better mobility is your absolute number one priority he is here for you.

His most gratifying moments working is hearing people laughing and joking about  buying shoes when it’s usually their nightmare. The most heartwarming is hearing his teenage son Gabe working with the same passion across the room.