Ahhcomfortshoes team gabe seidman

Shoes have been a part of Gabe’s life since before he could walk. That’s true for everyone but for him it’s been much more than that. Some of his fondest memories growing up was being around the shoe store talking to people and listening to his father AKA  “Jeff the Pedorthist.” After watching and learning from him from his fitting stool for years he  appreciates what the right fit of shoes could do for people. So at the age of twelve he went to work.

Most of his day was spent running to get shoes for sales people or putting them away, but by doing this he learned all the brands, sizes, fits and most importantly what people liked.

By thirteen he started learning more about people’s pain and how he could help relieve it.

By fourteen he had really absorbed what it takes to find products that will help people walk better; and to this day some of his most rewarding moments in the store and out have been people calling, writing reviews or coming in and feeling better because of something that he helped them with.

There is no better feeling in the world than giving someone the ability to walk better and he hopes that he will have the chance to do that for you.