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Caress is your ultra comfortable sandal with an upscale design. SAS Tripad® comfort system and a flexible sole with a shock absorbing wedge heel will cushion and support your every step. Extra toe room will allow your feet to stretch out for maximum comfort. And with stylish overlapping straps, Caress will add an elegant touch to any outfit. Go out in style with Caress.


Initial fit should allow the foot to settle naturally into the sandal. The heel strap should be adjusted so the backstrap rests comfortably against the sides and back of the heel.

  • SAS Tri-Pad® Comfort System: The green odor resistant Tri-Pad system cushions the 3 pressure points of your foot; the inside ball, outside ball, and the heel. This patented material never loses its shock-absorbing capacity.

  • Contoured Footbed: A soft foot bed covering wraps around a full-length shock absorbing cushion, which is shaped to the natural arches and curves of your foot for comfortable support. The foot bed is contoured so the foot sits into the sandal rather than on top or over the edges.

  • Extra Toe Room: Provides all day comfort, allowing plenty of room for your toes to spread out so your little toe is not pinched.

  • Flexible Sole with Shock Absorbing Wedge Heel: The wide sole base increases stability. Soft, flexible polyurethane sole and special wedge heel reduce the shock of each step.


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