Step Out (Black)

Step Out is a modern “Mary Jane” style shoe with the latest in SAS walking technology. An adjustable hook and loop strap makes for a custom fit and extra cushioning keeps you comfortable all day. From running around at work to walking in the park, this earthy shoe is a great way to show off your style and Keep Moving®.

Designed on a special SAS Footshape® last to fit and follow the shape of your foot, Step Out has a removable SAS contoured Everbounce™ foot bed, SAS Tripad® cushions and an SAS Supersoft® lightweight sole with SAS S-Motion Technology® to give you a new, all-day comfort walking experience.

  • SAS Contoured Everbounce™ Foot Bed: The removable foot bed is made of molded polyurethane and is designed to fit and support the contours of your foot while cushioning each step.

  • SAS-Tripad® Cushions: These cushions help support the three main pressure points of the foot, the inside ball, outside ball and the heel.

  • SAS Supersoft® Lightweight Sole: The wider sold base provides increased stability and maximum shock-absorption. The unique sole design helps make comfort walking easier.

  • SAS S-Motion Technology®: Built into our sole, this new technology supports the three-part walking motion, starting first at the cushioned heel strike, across the mid-stance (arch) and through the inside ball forward to the final toe push-off. S-Motion Technology® supports the natural stride, making way for improved walking performance.


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