About Us


We are a throwback to the sit-and-serve shoe stores you remember as a child.

Ahh Comfort Shoes is a small family-owned business that came into being in May 2013 growing from the seed of a SAS Comfort Shoes store which opened in 2005. Using shoes, inserts, orthotics and anything that supplies support and relief for aching feet we took the mission of providing better body balance for you and your loved ones seriously and passionately.

We ask to measure your feet every time. We study the latest technology and scour the industry culling down the thousand and thousands of brands, styles and tech to bring you the absolute finest selection of the most proven comfort shoes with a wink toward fashion from the four corners of our circular globe with expert guidance to assist you through your journey.

The world is always changing, but we are your rock of footwear sanity here for you every step you want to take…yesterday, today and into the future.


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  • I am now off anti-inflammatory meds, I walk almost every other day and I have pitched every other pair of shoes I own. The New Balance and Finns with custom-fitted ortho supports have made a huge difference for me.

    — Kathy D.

  • I have worked with many pedorthists in the past and find Jeff Seidman to stand above everybody else, not only in kindness, compassion and business savvy but also in his commitment to patients foot needs. I have no reservations recommending Jeff Seidman, or his company, for any of my patient needs.

    — Dr. Mary

  • For the majority of my life I’ve been going back and fourth between orthopedic surgeons for my foot pains trying to find some relief. Thankfully you were there to help me out and put me back on my feet! I truly appreciate your knowledge and helpfulness!

    — Rob S.

  • It’s easy to come in and discuss problems with Jeff. He’s gentle, caring, compassionate—and treats me with respect. I’ve never been treated as if I am the problem—he always treats me because I have a problem.

    — Nan O.

  • Thanks you for your patient help in finding a shoe I could use as a slipper. The sandals have a wonderful arch, provide the support I need, and slip on and off easily without adjusting the strap. As you remember I can not tie my left shoe. My arches feel so much better I ordered 2 extra pairs!

    — Ann S.


We started small and doubled in size just a few years ago, tripling our seating and doubling our on hand inventory providing you tens of thousands of items to choose from.

Jeffrey Seidman, C.Ped has been a Certified Pedorthist providing free Pedorthic evaluations, by appointment, from our first day providing a special level of insight seen at only a handful of the most specialized stores world wide (See our “What Is A Pedorthist?” page for a deeper dive into what that means).

Functional footwear in the cutest styles possible are here for you to try with expert guidance.