Why does my heel hurt? Why do my toes hurt? What kind of arch do I have? Am I getting the right kind of arch support?

Our Pedorthist, Jeffrey A. Seidman C. Ped, with his 16 years of Pedorthic experience, can provide valuable insight into all these questions and more.

Ahh Comfort Shoes offers FREE evaluations by appointment so you can sit down one on one with Jeffrey and come up with a game plan to keep you moving and grooving.

Heal Pain, arch pain, toe pain is no match for our shoes and orthotics.

Do you need custom orthotics or just a really great insert off the shelf designed to maximize your comfort? Is getting wide shoes enough? What’s the difference between New Balance and SAS Comfort Shoes and Finn Comfort shoes? All these questions can be answered and so much more.

Supinate pronate normal

Legal: A Pedorthist is not a doctor and cannot diagnosis any foot problem nor can they treat any disease.   A pedorthist can give you opinions, impressions and direction but for a formal diagnosis or treatment plan for a disorder please visit your physician.