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Ahh comfort shoes 1540v3 discontinued 2024

The New Balance men’s and women’s 1540V3 will be DISCONTINUED in 2024.

Here is a stock up sale before they run out. Save up to $60 off three pairs of 1540’s between now and Sat Jan 27th.

Call the store at (847) 873-1410 for details.

We are painfully aware of how many people rely on the 1540V3 as their primary shoe so it’s with heavy hearts that we announce that it is being discontinued in 2024. We will try to answer all your questions in this FAQs below, but feel free to call us with any questions.

Ahh comfort shoes 1540v3 discontinued colorways

All offers expire Saturday January 27th.

*Discounts apply to all regularly priced shoes and no shoe can be returned in order to maintain your tiered discount. You cannot combine discounts and no adjustments on previous purchases. A Pedorthist can provide opinions and direction but never a diagnosis; for that see your physician. All clearance items are final sales.

FAQs About The Discontinued 1540v3

When will the 1540V3 be DISCONTINUED?

At the moment of writing this information stock levels are very good in almost all sizes and we will have a back up order in March. After that it’s going to get crazy quickly. That’s why we are providing this opportunity at the earliest possible time because, with our back up, our worst case scenario is June to fill in all sizes. This style has been a best seller for over a decade. There will be a run on this shoe. It will sell out. Don’t wait.

What is the Discount?

The discount is on all colors, all sizes, for both men and women. It’s $10 off the first pair, $20 off the second pair, and $30 off the third pair for a total of $60 off total. If you order more than three it will be $20 off each pair thereafter. If the style and size isn’t currently in stock we are looking at a March or even June delivery for the back up pairs. This discount cannot be offered through our on-line store so you either need to visit us or call to receive the discount.

Will there be a 1540V4?

Yes! There will be a new version of the 1540, but (and we can’t emphasize this enough) the midsole will be completely different. The version 4 will not feel like the version 3. Will it be better? Will it be worse?? We can’t predict that, but we do know it will be more money and feel completely different.

Important note on the 1540V4 no 4E women’s no 6E men’s:

4E women’s and 6E men’s are being dropped. We couldn’t believe it ourselves. We went absolutely crazy when we heard this! If you wear 4E in the women’s and 6E in the men’s as of this moment there will be ZERO AVAILABILITY in the new version. We continue to fight the fight but if I were you I would write into New Balance and let them know how you feel about them dropping your size. For now though, we can get your shoes through March.

Can I do this over the phone?

Absolutely! If you have purchased the 1540 from us in the past all the information is under your name in our system. You can easily call us up, order the shoes and pick them up when they arrive, saving you a trip. If you would rather come in we would love to see you.

Can they be shipped?

For sure! Shipping is $15 for the first pair and $5 for each additional pair.

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